Pothole Detector by AI

Pothole Detector by AI


Potholes are a never ending problem- they can damage the tires, rims, and suspension of a car and can be hard to spot out when driving. Although they can always be filled, potholes will continue to naturally form through rain and the displacement of asphalt over time. And so, we made a pothole detector that can be used to look out for any potholes on the road through uploading an image to the site.

Pothole Formation

Water from rain seeps into
roads through cracks

Under cold temperatures, 
the water freezes and expands

Ice melting would then leave moisture inside and form gaps, weakening the pavement

The pavement would then be no longer able to support vehicles and cracks under the pressure

Made in collaboration with AI Camp Mentors and TAs as a mission to make driving on the roads safer for everyone. YOLO v4 was ​utilized as the basis for our model.